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Bloated Tick Stock Photo Image
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Ideal for hi-res 300dpi printed projects, including print ads, flyers, brochures, posters, direct mail, collateral, and more. Image info...
16.8 MB - 2753 x 2138 - Print 9.18" x 7.13" @ 300 dpi
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Ideal for Web Pages, Desktop Wallpaper, Powerpoint Backgrounds, Video, or Multimedia. Image info...
1,455.5 K - 800 x 621 - Use at 11.11" x 8.63" @ 72 dpi
(28.2 cm x21.9 cm @ 72 dpi) RGB - JPG File
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Insects - 50+ Stock Photos: Royalty Free 300dpi Photography Clip Art Graphics
This image is also available on the Insects CD

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Bloated Tick

Stock Photo # 9003673

Matching Keywords:

animals ARS bug 
bugs government INS50 
products USDA 

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